The CMS products are protected in two ways. ROMES and NPA use a blue dongle and a corresponding file (e.g. option.dat). TSMU, TSMQ and TSMW use option keys which are downloaded to the device.

The licence files for ROMES and NPA are stored in the main directories of NPA & ROMES. You will be asked for the file during the installation procedure or you can save it manually after ROMES & NPA have been installed. For replay only versions, please copy the file to the ROMES or NPA directory (same location as Romes.exe or NPA.exe). The next time ROMES or NPA are started, the new licenses will be available.

The option key(s) for the scanners (TSMU, TSMQ) need to be installed on the device using the "TSMxOptionKeyInstaller" utility, which is supplied with the scanners. Alternatively the latest version of this tool can be downloaded from the Rohde & Schwarz product home page "TSMU" -> section Downloads/Software. Please refer to the operating manual of the TSMU scanner family.

The option key(s) for the TSMW scanner need to be installed on the device using a web browser. Please refer to the operating manual of the TSMW scanner.


To download the licence file, please select the product you need:

Please enter the serial number (e.g. the 4-digit ID of your blue dongle, respectively the 6-digit device serial number) to download the license file for the selected product.

Option ID/Device Serial Number:


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