Welcome to Rohde & Schwarz CMS Internet Server

This site supports the Rohde & Schwarz drive test systems. The site contains links to standard ETSI test pages hosted on this site as well as links to a licence management system.

Link to the ETSI test page hosted on this site

  • 'Copernicus' version, dated 05.12.2006
  • Options for ROMES and NPA

    To download your licences for ROMES or NPA (option.dat), you can use our downloader

    Test files for HTTP Download

    Testfiles on http://cms.rohde-schwarz.com/download

  • http://cms.rohde-schwarz.com/download/1k.bin
  • http://cms.rohde-schwarz.com/download/10k.bin
  • http://cms.rohde-schwarz.com/download/100k.bin
  • http://cms.rohde-schwarz.com/download/800k.bin
  • http://cms.rohde-schwarz.com/download/1M.bin
  • http://cms.rohde-schwarz.com/download/2M.bin
  • http://cms.rohde-schwarz.com/download/4M.bin
  • http://cms.rohde-schwarz.com/download/5M.bin
  • http://cms.rohde-schwarz.com/download/10M.bin
  • http://cms.rohde-schwarz.com/download/50M.bin
  • http://cms.rohde-schwarz.com/download/100M.bin
  • http://cms.rohde-schwarz.com/download/1G.bin